Our Story
We help students develop their skills necessary for lifelong success.
We do this by igniting a passion among students for business education, entrepreneurship, and video production. We are about more than lectures and textbook. Our curriculum brings video production and business studies to life through experiential learning, executed in real, market-based scenarios. We open the door to economic empowerment and place students on a path to prosperous futures for themselves and their communities! These videos are some examples of what our talented teens created.


What We Do
Get on the set with students, 4K cameras and pros.
Youth Film Productions puts teens behind the camera and in the editing bay for feature films, TV shows and documentary productions. Youth Film Productions lets you see way beyond the role of director to the hundreds of careers in the film industry from sound to camera to effects and everything in between! Apply as a filmmaker, or bring the program to your school. We never require previous experience and our programs are usually FREE to teens!